Steiner is with a group of his students and friends — many of them his most accomplished and capable associates within Anthroposophy — and they spend the afternoon on a farm with an old farmer and his family.

The man is very simple, a good farmer and strong worker. No books, no education, not a man who would qualify as engaging in consciously objective introspection. From the outside he follows fairly basic routines and has no experience of making fine inner distinctions.

On their way back to the Goetheanum, a student, Carl Unger, comments on what a lovely soul they had spent the afternoon with.

Steiner responds, 'Yes, the most free soul I've encountered in years. Quite a thing to behold'.

Unger asks, 'Free in what sense?'

Steiner: 'You've read The Philosophy of Freedom, Unger.'

Unger: 'Yes, but certainly he has not.'

Steiner: 'Yes, but certainly he'll never need to. Unger, not an ounce of Clairvoyance is needed to see the activity of freedom. In fact, it's only seen when everything else gets out of the way'


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posted: May 5, 2007