the pepper, and the railing

sons too, have dreams sometimes...

i was making some scrambled eggs, and papa likes lots of pepper on his eggs -- i do too. so i cracked two of them into the frying pan to make us some lunch.

then i caught up the pepper mill, gave her a good shake, and seasoned his nicely. as i was about to pepper mine, mum sees it and says, 'you shouldn't put so much pepper on your eggs, its not good for you'.

at the word, papa jumps up, grabs the pepper mill out of my hands, and forbids me from using it.

but there is his egg all nicely peppered, and mine is sitting quite plain and unadorned.

so i show him, and i say, 'but look at all the pepper on your egg, and mine has none!'.

he says, 'why are you being so stubborn; didn't you hear your mum!?'.

frusterated, i storm out of the room, and papa wonders why 'he's so rebellious'.

then, i'm walking with my sister, diana, and conveying my frusterations -- 'but he's so stubborn, he wouldn't even let me put a little pepper on my egg, when his had plenty...'.

as we're walking, i notice church is starting, and she's heading into the balcony, and like when i was five years old, i climb on the railings after her -- but the railing comes loose, and i swing out precariously -- high above the congregation...

but! there was some thoughtful fellow sitting there tightening the bolts on the other end of the railing, and the last one had held it on -- keeping me from falling over the edge (!!).

the man looks up -- it is papa -- he'd been handy fixing a loose screw that nobody else had bothered to tighten -- and saved his son.

the congregation cheers.

thx papa!!


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posted: May 17, 2007