an as yet undiscovered force, more significant than electricity...

Steiner gave a particularly interesting lecture in 1918 summarized and translated below by Mr. Wim A. M. Leys of The Netherlands: "In the ages to come, humanity will develop three new occult faculties, in the same natural way as it developed her mental faculties in the past. These will be: 1. The material occultism (or mechanical occultism). 2. The hygienic occultism. 3. The eugenic occultism. These faculties will not be developed by all people in the same degree; in fact they will be found separately in three regions of the earth. I. The "West-people" of England and North America will develop the material-mechanical occultism. They will be able to create machines, mechanical devices which work with hardly any human effort; which work with the help of the "Laws of Sympathetic Vibrations." These machines will do about 90% of the work, and all the social and material trouble of work as we know it now, will cease to exist." --| Memories of Hans Kuhn |---------- Memories of Hans Kühn (1989-1977) taken from an article "Vom Strader-Apparat" (Published in "Mitteilungen aus der Anthroposophischen Arbeit in Deutschland", 25. Jg., Heft 4, Nr. 98, p. 291) On the occasion of the performance of Rudolf Steiner's four mystery plays in 1921 one may speak of the apparatus which stands on a table in the fourth picture of the drama 'The guardian of the threshold'. There should be two tables though, because beside the bigger object there were originally - a bit removed- three objects that were more little. Additionally there was an open copper sphere at the wall at the performances in Munich. I hereby refer to the apparatus, that was built during the winter 1912/13 after spcification of Rudolf Steiner by Dr. Oskar Schmiedel and his mechanics. When the 'Guardian' was performed for the first time in 1912 in Munich a sort of dummy was used for which Imme von Eckardstein had received specifications by Rudolf Steiner. The next Winter one had the time to work out an exact model, for which various metals, that were specified by Rudolf Steiner, were used for the four half spheres. RS did entrust Oskar Schmiedel with their production. Two of the half spheres were made from Antimon, one from Nickel, one half of the fourth was made of copper. The other half should be completed with a metal that was so far unknown. Very thin feel/sense organs made from gold foil (1/1000 mm thickness) were hanging at the lower side of this double bowl. At the fourth side of a cross of lead a tip of uranium pitchblend should be mounted. The conections between the six tips were partly made of copper and partly of tin. From one bowl to the opposite one there was a spiral glass tube. Even more cryptic were the three additional objects: one was a glass container with wire of platinium that was hanging inside of it or w as molten into it, the second was a lemniscate of glass tube, with a coal tip on top, that had a little copper bowl above it. The third object should have four uranium tips on the same level. The form of this object let it seem probable that it could rotate. Electricity should be kept away. The original models have vanished, though they have survived the Goetheanum fire. One didn't take enough care and didn't recognise the importance of the apparatus. Today they show a dummy at the performances. --| Fragments of a Biography - Ehrenfried Pfeiffer |-------------------- "...The method of science, in a materialistic sense, is based on analysis splitting apart (today atomsplitting and fusion etc.), disintegration, separation, dissecting and all the procedures which have to destroy and take apart, to work on the corpse rather than to grow, to develop, to synthesize. That the human mind was captured by these methods of braking apart: in that I saw the source of our present situation. My question therefore was: is it possible to find another force or energy in nature, which does not have in itself the ductus of atomazing and analysis but builds up, synthesizes. Would we discover that force constructive, which makes things alive and grow, develop adequate building up methods of investigation, evt. use this force for another type of technic, applied to drive machines, than because of the inner nature of this force or energy we might be able to create another technology, social structure, constructive thinking of man rather than destructive thinking. This force must have the impulse of life, of organisation within itself as the so-called physical energies have the splitting, separating trend within themselves. My question to Rudolf Steiner October 1920 and spring 1921 therefore was: does such a force or source of energy exist? Can it be demonstrated? Could an altruistic technic be build upon it? "When these questions formed themselves in my mind I met in Günther Wachsmuth a life long friend who pondered about exactly the same problems. "Some discussion with Rudolf Steiner were carried out individually, often we both together had with Rudolf Steiner. "My questions were answered as follows: "Yes, such a force exists, but is not yet discovered. It is what is generally known the ether (not the physical ether) but the force which makes things grow, lives for instance in the seed as Samenkraft. Before you can work with this force you must demonstrate its presence. As we have reagents in chemistry, so you must find a reagent upon the etheric force. It is also called formative etheric force because it is the force which creates the form, shape, pattern of a living thing, growth. You might try crystallization processes to which organic substrata are added. (This has been done and the results described elsewhere, known today as the method of sensitive crystallization). It is possible then to develop machines, which react upon and are driven by this force. Rudolf Steiner than outlined the principles of the application of this force as source of a new energy. In the presence of Günther Wachsmuth at some other time he outlined the principle of the four etheric formative forces, light ether, chemical ether, life ether and warmth ether (somewhat different than in the so-called warmth and light course before Waldorf teachers) and pointed to a book by Rama Prashad, Nature Finer Forces, which described some of it. "Wachsmuth in turn wrote his book on the Etheric Formative Forces. To me the task fell to start experiments. In this, the cooperation between us, the seed for the Forschungsinstitut am Goetheanum was layed. I had to perform certain experiments which do not feel at liberty to describe for Rudolf Steiner. The result of these experiments where reported whereupon R. St. said with utmost ernestness: the outcome of the experiment points to another force not the etheric one but an astral one (i.e. forces which live in sentient matter, nerve, brain). That the experiment did turn out this way is the answer of the spiritual world to him and it means that the time is not yet ready to make use of the etheric force. I asked when will the time be ready. Answer: when the social conditions are such that no misuse of this force can be done for selfish purposes, that would only be the case if the threefold commonwealth order would be practice at least over a few territories on earth. Until this time experiments in the direction of using the etheric forces would not be successful or should not be done. "Since we live today in a world which is further away than ever from the solution of the social problem, when selfishness and personal advantage, profit and national conflicts because of them have the upper hand, since especially the anthroposophical society has never put the solution of the social problem in front of all its aim and not contributed that which was demanded by Rudolf Steiner to be done, I see no other way but to bury the instructions with regard to the use of the etheric force deep down in my chest, probably to take it with me to grave, with the hope that other times will come, other circumstances, other ages and lifes, where the time then will be ready. My conscience is deeply moved but I have to obey higher reason for this means that for the time being the world must go on with the use of energies which have the power death and destruction in their essence and it is only to be hoped that the world learns the hard way, by endless suffering that one day it will awaken to accept the mission of life, of living together in peace, of mutual acceptance and coordination. "Everything else we developed in anthroposophical natural science, experimenting, had to remain with the first step, the demonstration of the presence and existence of formative forces. Only in the use of the biodynamic method of soil improvement could we go a step farther. How this developed is described elsewhere (in "Wir erlebten Rudolf Steiner")." --| References by Rudolf Steiner to Future |------- --| Technology - Mechanical Occultism |------------ 1. 16-12-04- GA93 The physical Atom as condensed electricity. 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More recently published as "Polarities in the evolution of Mankind" Rudolf SteinerPress1987 - lecture 9. 19. 20-10-23 GA230 - "Machines and Vibrations" Book: "Man as Symphony of the Creative Word" - Rudolf Steiner Press - 1945, 1970, 1978, 1991. Lecture 2. Also a good translation of this segment in Anthroposophical News Sheet under the title "The Mechanisation which threatens mankind" --| Illustrations of Rudolf Steiner's "Strader Machine" |-------------- source: SteinerIllustration.gif Sketch by Rudolf Steiner. These are apparently photographs taken from the original sheet of paper. StraderApparat.gif Sketch by Oskar Schmiedel (who built a test device according to Steiner's specifications). KuhnPhoto.gif KuhnSketch.gif Model and sketches by Hans Kuhn (1889-1977). --| References |---------------- (Exerpted from: Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer, *Fragments of a Biography*, Manuskript, 56 S.: Die erstmalige Veröffentlichung der hier in deutscher Übersetzung abgedruckten Passage...erfolgt mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Adelheid Pfeiffer, Spring Valley, USA. English Original: E. Pfeiffer-Nachlassverwaltung, Spring Valley/USA. Deutsche Übersetzungsrechte: Perseus Verlag, Basel).


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