Storm's Journal

Penner Cosmology 1995

a cosmology in progress - early views - 1995

[this was an early stage of development in my cosmological schema 1995] the perceptual universe seems to be an interface surface between physical manifestation and a spiritual 'sea' around which it is wrapped. it is a surface which defines the physical world like a membrane of surface tension. they interact, and define each other. eliminate physical 'surface' interface (i.e. remove the skin) and you will find it just like the vine-ball - nothing there. the two are inextricably interbound, deny one, and you will find you are left with nothing (there is no substance or form). form and manifestation only become defined by the interface between the two. the fractal border, the edge. for a while - for the course of a life, miniature reflections of the whole become 'pinched-off' in temporal seclusion, but are still connected to the whole through the reflection of reality which appears in their thought-life. this view is panentheistic - that which is both immanent, and transcendent. the whole, taken together, is synergistic, and constitues 'god'. gode is the functioning mind of the parts which comprise the collective wills of all those who have aligned themselves with the divine will, which is the will of all - voluntarily, collectively willing together - each in their own time. there is a nexus towards which time runs, and it dynamically readjusts its focus depending on the execution of each action undertaken, a new 'best' arrives. time is the illusion. all occurs at once, and each monad, and existence is simultaneous and the entire system modulates itself dynamically through a temporal feedback process, much like video feedback; thus: the effect changes the cause. within each monad, is a reflection, or a microcosm of this entire system over again. there is self similiarity at all levels, like the mandlebrot fractal. endless layers upon layers within each other. (refers to the tree of life, with it's degrees from malkuth, to kether, and the degrees interacting directions like a hexagram, for further conceptual ponderances). this all lies above the abyss -- what is enacted above the abyss is made manifest below the abyss. we see but the bark of this tree. things manifesting in forms -- sounds made concrete. vibration and mode arrange pattern and molecule. the movement exists; the organs form around it. of the one, come the two (yin and yang) and of the two are born the third - period three implies chaos. and therefrom comes all creations. the interaction is creative. the 'from the infinite' descried by the three, is a whole, which is one. fractals, dynamical systems, flow. from the unity, to the multiplicity, and the mystical purpose is to reunite with the one. this requires absorbtion by higher-level entities - achieving higher levels of consciousness the universe is an engine for the generation of consciousness. all things that live, do eat, and are eaten. to live, you must eat, and furthermore, you can only live by eating things that live; not only things, but also thoughts and consciousness. those with weaker wills will be consumed; those with stronger wills allow themselves to be consumed. and this is the method of the feedback. this is the method of becoming. god both is, and is becoming. -- Back to Storm's Journal
SUBMIT AN ARTICLE originally posted: october 28, 1993