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--| Goethe - All Works as One Spirit |--- 

[In the Goethean world view, all creative forces work in a unifed way. 
 Everything in the universe is for Goethe... one creative spirit.]

All the workings of we take note of in experience, no matter what
their nature, are interconnected in the most consistent way, pass over
into one another; they undulate from the first ones to the last. 

A tile works loose from the roof: 
we ordinarily say this happens by chance; 
the tile, after all, certainly strikes the shoulders 
of a passerby mechanically: it follows the 
laws of gravity and thus works physically. 

Ruptured bodily organs cease functioning; 
at the same moment the fluids work chemically, 
the qualities of the elements emergy. 

But the interupted organic life reasserts itself
just as quickly and seeks to reestablish itself; 
meanwhile the hhuman entity is more or less unconscious
ond physically disorganized. 

The person, regaining consciousness, feels himself 
ethically wounded to the depths; he laments 
his interupted activity, no matter of what kind it may be, 
for no one wants to endure this patiently. 

Religiously, on the other hand, he can easily
attribute this case to a higher destiny and regard it 
as saving him from far greater harm, as leading to 
a higher good. 

This suffices for the sufferer; but the convalescent 
rises to his feet highly gifted, trusts God and himself
and feels himself saved, really takes up also what happens 
by chance, turns it to his advantage, in order to begin an 
eternally fresh life's cycle. 

(exerpt from, 'Goethe's World View') 


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