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Hurricanes and Steam Engines?

James Watt [inventor of the steam engine]... constructed his mobile
apparatus in such a way that he could call it the 'movement of the sun
and the planets'. He spoke of it thus becasue he was really guided by
what is concieved in the Copernican system as the revolution of the
planets around the sun. He had actually brought down and concealed
within the steam engine what had been learned in the modern age
as the movement of the heavenly bodies.

Now bear in mind what I recently explained as Something that will
happen but which is at present only in its beginnings; that is,
that delicate vibrarations will accumulate and tremendous effects
will thus be produced. Thank god, it has not yet been achieved!
But the beginning lies in the fact that the movement of the sun
and the planets is copied. Since the movements of the sun and
the planets possess a profound significance for our earth when
they radiate inward, do you believe that they possess no significance
when we copy them here in miniature and cause them to radiate outward
again into cosmic space? What then happens has profound significance
for the cosmos. Here you see directly how even these vibrations I
spoke of are now added to the demon through which he can unfold
his activity outward into cosmic space.

(Rudolf Steiner, Dornach, November 26, 1916; GA-172)

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