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--| stereolab church |--- 

The universe is made of stories, not atoms.
(Muriel Rukeyser)

so our passage for stereolab church today
is from the song, 'you little $#!@*', album, 'peng'...

| There are worlds within the world
| Within the world there are worlds
| The situation is the universe of man
| as the measure of all things
| Understand that you are
| another world in miniature
| And that in you there are the sun,
| the moon and also the stars...
| Man as the messenger of being
| By analogy flesh and bones of man derive from earth,
| His blood from water,
| his breath from air,
| And body heat from fire.
| (Stereolab, You Little $#!@*)

there are worlds within worlds...
a recursively fractal structure 
for the generation of consciousness; 
widening awareness. what is the world
for us, and what are we for the world? 

hail latiea!


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SUBMIT AN ARTICLE posted: july 2, 2006