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Onsite Macintosh Support in Downtown Toronto

We provide onsite technical support for small business and home users on the Macintosh platform in downtown Toronto. If you are experiencing technical difficulty...

Call the iDoctor: 416-500-6120

Patient Tech Support.. We Make Housecalls...
Our rates are: $75 per hour onsite.

Technical Support & Training

• Onsite Technical Support for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux
• Wired and Wireless Network installation
• Setup of eMail and Address Books
• Removal of Viruses and Spyware
• Recovery From Damaged Windows Installations
• Installation and Backup of Hard Disks, CDs, DVDs
• Help with iPods and Digital Cameras
• Help with Software Installation, Scanners, RAM, Printers
• Switcher Training - Learn to use your new Mac Effectively